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Rules Manager is an Outlook plug-in that makes sorting your email easy. The current version is available for Outlook 2003 and above.

Features include:

One-click rules: there are numerous ways to create rules, all aimed at creating it as quickly as possible.  For an autofile rule, it can be created in just one-click from the toolbar.

Jump to folder: a huge timesaver, you can type the name of a folder into the toolbar and you will be taken straight to it.  If more than one folder matches what you typed, you will be prompted to choose.  If you have lots of folders, this feature alone will cover the cost of the software in time saved very quickly.

Rule filtering makes managing them easy: the main rules window lets you find what you are after quickly.  You can filter the list so that only particular rules are shown (based upon criteria you specify), and you can edit rules directly from the window.

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